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Recent Visits to Local Eateries

What I love most about eating at restaurants in Skagit Valley is the locally sourced farm grown ingredients from right here in the valley!

Here are my personal favorite reasons I recommend to head to Pacionis, the Bread Farm and Tweets Cafe.



  •   Locally sourced ingredients!
  • For all you gluten free lovers there are many different selections including cauliflower crust, Shambala crust and gluten free noodles.
  • Produce is fresh and chopped daily as well as house made pizza dough. Tossed right in front of you in the open kitchen!
  • The soups are made from scratch daily.
  • Craft Cocktails made with Valley Shines locally produced spirits!  
  • The deserts are to die for, their Crème Brule is my favorite and is made in house.
  • Every Monday they have a deal of $14 bottles of wine, when a single glass is typically $8.
  • The Lincoln Theatre is just steps away so make a date night out of it, grab dinner and see a live show! 




  • Located in the sweet town of Edison, they originally started with five types of bread and over the years have grown to 12 amazing varieties.
  • Breads, cookies, European pastries, crackers and pantry staples. Everything is made from scratch!
  • They are very known for their unique flavored shortbread.
  • It is very charming when you walk in. The air is filled with amazing aroma, watch as they bake right in front of you.
  • They are bread farmers and are always looking for more people interested in farming bread!
  • They do curbside pick-up, delivery, and in store purchases.
  • They have what you need to cure your sweet tooth, but also offer a savorer selection! Definitely worth a visit!



  • Also located in Edison they source all their ingredients locally from Skagit produce and meat farmers.
  • Their menu is constantly changing depending on the season as well as what they source from local farmers.
  • Everything truly is made from scratch.
  • Keep in mind you order up front at the counter and there is limited seating in this very eclectic setting. The building has a garage door that opens up so on nice days you can eat outside or inside to get the fresh air and sun rays
  • Must bring cash or a check as they do not accept any cards!
  • They compost their food
  • Amazing espresso!
  • Their menu is very mindful of people with food allergens such as gluten and dairy!
  • Breakfast croissant=AMAZING!
  • They appear to have a lot of regulars and I understand why, the staff is so friendly. Every staff member greeted me when I walked in, and said goodbye when I left. I definitely left feeling happy, delighted and full!


I highly recommend checking out all of these three! These are all great little hidden gem’s in Skagit Valley. Enjoy a taste of the country life and when your tummy is full head to the La Conner Country Inn for a cozy night’s rest. Snuggle up next to your fireplace and drift way. Call 360.466.1500 for reservations.